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Richard Mille Replica Watches, a watchmaker known for his complex pieces, has created a new piece called Maestoso that looks unusual on first glance because it does not include the basic hour and minute indication. This is only a superficial impression, as the watch is highly innovative and intricate. It also resurrects a traditional horological solution. The new wristwatch in the Classic Complications Collection is equipped with a detent-type escapement, instead of the lever-type escapement that's so common. The type of escapement used is known historically for its precision. This is why it was predominant in marine chronometers in the past that allowed navigation. However, it's not suitable to wear on a wrist. This is because it's very difficult to shock. Richard Mille Replica Watches was faced with a difficult problem. He came up three patents, and developed a few innovative systems to ensure reliable operation.Richard Mille Replica Watches The new, completely in-house hand-wound DTC07 caliber with its distinctively shaped Charlex X-type stepped bridges is also a constant force. It also has a dial with a skeltonized design and is available in three different variations, each made from varying case materials. There are three versions: red gold, red gold with titanium and white gold with titanium. The price ranges between $178,000 and $186,000 depending on the version.

The detent escapement is a historically more precise and fragile alternative. It was invented in the middle of the 18th century. This type of escapement became popular in marine chronometers after several modifications. It is known for its accuracy over longer periods. This is due to the lower friction they have during the energy transfer. Its use in pocket watch was restricted due to its fragility and more difficult maintenance. Richard Mille Replica Watches's new Maestoso watch solves the problem of low shock resistance. This naturally required three patents as well as several clever technical solutions.

The caliber with detent escapement in grade 5 titanium has an anti-pivot spring that is integrated with the balance spring, and works in conjunction with a safety thumb. Caliber DTC07 has an escapement that is placed between sapphires bridges, which allows the watch to withstand shocks and forces when worn on the wrist.Roger Dubuis Replica The new proprietary movement also resolved the issue of potential overbanking, which can be caused by excessive energy and affect punctuality. The brand added a flexible thrust bearing to the wheel, which was then connected to the balance of the movement. This solved the problem.

Constant forceHowever, the technical aspects of the watch are still to be explored. Constant force is one of its main features. It allows for better energy transfer regardless of power reserve condition. The caliber uses a cylinder-shaped balance spring, instead of the flat ones that are usually used. This complex movement, which has a relatively low frequency of only 2 Hz, is made up of 301 pieces and 44 jewels. The diameter of the watch is 31 mm, and its height is 8.6mm. DTC07's power storage is made up of four barrels arranged in series. This allows for a storage time exceeding 80 hours. In terms of its architecture, the timepiece also features stepped bridges in the Charles X style that are a nod to watchmaking and decorative tradition.